The Quiet transformation

A 12-Month Personalised Coaching Journey

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coaching for introverted leaders

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

- Buddha

Welcome to ‘The Quiet Transformation’ – a 12-month journey of self-discovery taking you from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

 Part exploration and part action we’re going to dive deep into what makes you tick, help you define your purpose, and hold you accountable for taking action to bring this to life. If you believe, as I do, that success is an inside job, this is the place for you to do that inner work. 

What is it that you’re here to do?

One of my favourite inspirational quotes comes from the poet Mary Oliver who said:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

It reminds me that life is not a dress-rehearsal. It is not something that comes after you’ve completed all the things on your to-do list (we both know you’ll never complete all the things on your to-do list!). Life doesn’t patiently wait until you’re good and ready to live it, instead it’s here, now, in every breath you take, every decision you make, every conversation you have, every emotion you feel and thought you think. 

So tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

What impact do you want to have on the lives of others?

What do you want to look back and say “I did that”


I see people forgetting time and time again that they have a choice, in every single thing they do, whether it’s to:

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    breathe deeply
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    make conscious decisions
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    be fully present with the person who is giving them their most precious resource, their time
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    feel and explore their emotions in order to learn from them
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    give themselves time to think

Here’s the thing, research shows we tend to think of our future selves as another person, someone who has more time, energy, and willpower than our present self. In order to put off doing the hard work now, we put all our trust in this future better us and forget that the only way that future self will be all those things is if we do the hard work now. 

Let’s make a promise to that future you, to begin the work that needs to be done TODAY. And not keep putting things off.

In ‘The Quiet Transformation’, we begin by exploring your hopes and dreams for the future before taking a look at where you are right now in your life. We dive deep into the limiting beliefs, fears and external barriers that have been holding you back, before understanding the behaviours that will help you to succeed and move forward. Along the way we’ll identify your Core Values and Signature Strengths and start to use these to make conscious decisions and take action. From time to time we may take two-steps forward, only to take one-step back, and that’s as it should be. We’re charting brand new territory here, so bumps in the road are to be expected. Failure doesn’t exist on this journey, only lessons to be learned. 

This will be an intensely personal journey, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience working in multi-national companies, helping develop management teams and with countless transformative coaching conversations under my belt, I combine my extensive career and personal coaching expertise to deliver a highly personalised experience that’s completely tailored to your unique circumstances. 

My years of working in corporate supply chain management have also taught me that while it’s always good to have a strategy and a plan, things change. When I submitted my last 5- Year Plan to Head Office in Switzerland 6 years ago, Brexit hadn’t happened and the thought of a global pandemic was about as unlikely as you can get. Things change! 

So, my goal during The Quiet Transformation is to support and guide you in moving forwards in the direction of your goals and ensure you’re making real progress, while allowing for flexibility and adaptability.  

I have no idea if I am typical of someone whom Alison sees, but I had reached a crossroads in my life and needed direction. I found Alison to be very helpful, kind, perceptive and sympathetic. The sessions themselves were enjoyable, engaging and enlightening on various aspects of my life – Alison always ensured to follow up after each session and to prepare for the next. Alison has provided me with the insights and paths available to me, and the ability to assess where I am personally and professionally. Thank you Alison!

- Paul Tang


Yet in one study of 12,000 employees, 50% said they didn’t get a feeling of meaning and significance from their work. For beings that make meaning out of everything it’s not surprising they had less job satisfaction, were less engaged, and three times more likely to leave their current employer. 

The work we do in ‘The Quiet Transformation’, whilst focused on who you are as a person, will have a profound impact on your career precisely for this reason. Either you’ll be able to find meaning in the work you are currently doing and as a result become more settled and productive, or you’ll realise life’s too short to spend 90,000 hours of it feeling dissatisfied and disengaged (the effect of which is not only damaging to you and your wellbeing, but to the people you work with, and the friends and family who have to listen to your tales of woe). 

On average, it takes 90 days before a new behaviour becomes habit. Before it becomes automatic, and wired in your neurology. 

However, in reality it can range from anywhere between 18 and 254 days, which is why I decided ‘The Quiet Transformation’ needed to be a 12-month journey, to give you the absolute best chance of truly transforming your life. What you learn through our work together will last you a lifetime, but learning and doing are not the same thing, especially as we’re programmed to conserve energy and doing anything new takes a lot more energy than doing what you’ve always done!  

So, I’ll be holding you accountable to yourself and your future-self as we go along. And if you find it hard to commit to doing the work, we’ll take a look into what’s causing this resistance. 

You’ll also get to spend a day bringing everything together with my powerful Purposeful Planning Day which can be done in-person (depending on location) or online during which you’ll: 

  • Capture what lights you up so you can do more of it 
  • Define your Purpose, Vision, and Mission 
  • Decide how you want your next twelve months to look 
  • Identify keys goals to help get you there 
  • Add in timescales and put it on a calendar so you stay on track 

Here’s what people say about it

“Thought-provoking, emotional and a huge wake up for my body and mind about my reason for being me and why I do what I do – Thank you!”

- Philippa Floyd-Walker

Are you ready to get started?

Over the course of 12 months I will help you:

  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Identify your Core Values and understand how and why they shape your behaviours and choices 
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Uncover and learn to love your introvert gifts 
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Understand your key Character Strengths and how to use them in all aspects of your life
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Discover where you are getting in your own way
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Explore your limiting beliefs and rewrite them as empowering statements of truth
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Define how you want to show up in all areas of your life
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Develop your vision of your ideal future
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Set values-based goals
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Plan your year ahead and help you stick to it
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Develop new behaviours critical for your success
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Reward your successes and learn from your experiences
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Transform your life!

Your investment: £4,125 (or £375 per month across 11 months)

What you’ll receive:

  • coaching for introverted leaders
    1 x 45-min Discovery Call to kick-off our journey together
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    11 x 90-min personalized and supportive one-to-one transformative coaching sessions
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    12 x 30-min accountability calls to keep you on track
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Unlimited email/WhatsApp support between sessions (Monday-Friday, replies within a 24-hour period)
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Follow-up notes and guidance
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Thought-provoking worksheets and exercises to support your journey at every stage
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    A copy of your personalised Character Strengths report
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    A beautiful journal to capture your thoughts from the work and ideas to discuss at our next session
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    A Journaling prompt card to help you connect to your truth
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Guided visualisations
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Recorded meditations to build on the mindful breathing exercise we’ll do at the start of every session
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    A binder to keep all your papers together so you can easily refer to them at any time
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Comprehensive Purposeful Planning workbook to plan your year in
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    A personalized gift from me
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    A thought-provoking and inspiring Purposeful Planning Day (including refreshments) to set you up for the year ahead

Are you ready to go all in?


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