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I read (a lot!) and I suspect you do too. There’s something very special about finding a quiet space to lose yourself in good story, or read up on a subject which fascinates you. Just you, the book, and your imagination – bliss! And whilst I’m comfortable with technology and find it useful in many ways, reading an actual physical book rather than an electronic one builds a sense of connection to the words and allows me to flick back and forth, make notes, and mark key pages which means I can return again and again to the ideas, perspectives, and thoughts that inspire me.  

Often I will get resources or a copy of a book that interests me from the library first and then decide if I want to buy a copy for my collection – not only is this more cost-effective and supporting a wonderful free resource, but it’s also practical because if I bought every book I read, we would need a bigger house!

Here on this page, I want to share resources, books, websites, and articles which I’ve found interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking and which I believe you will find helpful on your journey towards finding success on your own terms and living your best life. I will continue to add to it whenever I find something new that I feel would be of interest.  

Where possible the links for the books on this page will take you to a fabulous independent book shop in Devon which offers a wonderful gift-wrapping service. As a small business myself I am keen to support other entrepreneurs – and what better way to give yourself a treat than a beautifully wrapped book! 

If you’ve read something that inspired you which is not on my list, I would love you to tell me about it so I can have a read myself(!) and share it here for others to find.

There are no affiliate links on this page, just my heartfelt recommendations.


About 20 years ago I found a copy of this in the relaxation room of a boutique spa in Hampton Court. 

Since then there’s not a year gone by that I haven’t picked it up and been able to read words I needed to hear. Sarah reminds us of the simple pleasures of life, how to prioritise, pause, and savour, and to see abundance in simplicity. She also wrote "A Man’s Journey to Simple Abundance" which I confess I’ve not read but have seen positive reviews for it.


If you’re an introvert and haven’t read this book yet – where have you been?! 

Seriously, if you’re an introvert who wants to understand themselves better, or living/working with an introvert and want to understand them better, you need to read this book. Packed with science, research and
Susan’s personal observations it provides insights into the true differences (rather than then myths) between introversion and extraversion, key introvert strengths, how to be at your best and how to help your quiet children.


Before moving to rural Somerset we lived in a picturesque village in Surrey next to the Thames.

One of the factors which motivated our move was the increase in traffic, not only on the roads but also from Heathrow airport which eventually meant every 90 seconds there’d be a low-flying jumbo shaking the light-fittings in the bedroom! Now the noisiest things around us is birdsong and the bees. This book explores the impact of the increased noisiness of the world we live in and encourages us to search out peace. 


Continuing with the theme of noise/quiet this book takes a look at how noise has developed through history and around the world in society at-large, including how socio-economic, racial and even gender can play a role in noise-pollution.

I may think that reading a book is a quiet pursuit, but all the aspects of manufacturing said book are in fact noisy! The author asks us to consider that whilst most people hate (unwanted) noise, we like our own noise, and we like the machines and processes (such as book manufacturing) that give us what we want. 


I was sent this as a gift by another coach who also happened to be an introvert and have bookmarks running through it still!

When I worked in supply chain management I permanently had two screens and multiple tabs open and congratulated myself on my ability to multitask. Except multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, in fact it loses you time and makes you less efficient. Deep Work explores why so
many of us struggle to focus and stay on task, why we need to make time to ‘daydream’ and offers.


I don’t know about you, but in the late 90’s I noticed an upsurge in meeting invites coming through.

It got so bad there were pre-meetings to actual meetings which then had follow-up meetings! Meetings could have so many invitees it would be impossible for everyone to have the opportunity to share their views, and as a result, they would feel disengaged. In this book, Nancy Kline looks at how effective listening and incisive questioning can help improve the way people think, solve problems, build stronger relationships, have more productive meetings and create higher-performing teams.


If you’ve ever spent time with a young child you’ll no doubt have been subjected to a (seemingly never-ending) stream of “Why?” questions as they try and make sense of the world around them.

We constantly search for the meaning of things so we can make sense of our experiences, and this is true for our work too. In this book Simon Sinek explains the importance of knowing your why, and how being able to share that why with others is how leaders inspire others to take action.


One of the things I often tell my clients is that it takes more strength to ask for help and be vulnerable, than to carry on as if everything’s okay.

Make no mistake, we all need help at some point or another, and trying to pretend otherwise only creates suffering. In this inspiring book Brené Brown shows how allowing ourselves to be vulnerable not only shows great strength, but leads to deeper connection to our true selves, our purpose, and the things and people who bring meaning to our lives.


Another fantastic book from Brené Brown in which she examines our obsession with perfection.

The desire to be perfect has created an ‘ism’ i.e. perfectionism which Brené defines as “A self-destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of blame, judgement, and shame.” How many actions have not been taken and ideas not followed through because of the exacting demands of perfectionism? If you’ve held yourself back because you believed you weren’t ‘good enough’ this is a book for you.


Jon Kabat-Zinn developed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as a way to help chronically ill patients who were not responding to traditional treatments. In this book, he explores what it is to be mindful and how it can help us experience life in full. Offering insights and practices to both those new to meditation and those wanting to deepen their practice.



This was one of the first books I read after I gained my qualification in Transformational Coaching and I found it so useful I now use Values throughout my coaching work. Dr Demartini explains what values are, why they matter, and how you can use them to create a value-led life. I use values both personally and professionally because they help me focus on what’s important.



I love the simple way Laurie describes the introvert need for space - “Introverts need more between time – between words in a conversation and between conversations – because the interaction is located within.” Introverts prefer to process information internally rather than interactively and to do that properly we need to withdraw and have space to think, unfortunately, this can be seen as rather odd in a world where life is all about getting more done in less time.


Talking of the idea of getting more done in less time, this wonderful book is the unofficial handbook and bible of The Slow Movement which encourages us to make connections with the people we meet, the food we eat, and the places we visit, rather than racing on by. As Carl shares “Life is what’s happening right here, right now – and only by slowing down can you live it to the full.”



I saw this book recommended by someone in the FT Books Café and decided to give it a go even though I knew it was more sciencey than my normal picks. I had nothing to fear. Even though it made my head spin from time to time (see what I did there?!) with new perspectives on what time is, how we use it, and the impact it has on us, I found it absolutely fascinating.


Have you ever entered that flow state where you are completely absorbed in what you are doing, you know what you want to do, ideas are coming easily, you’re making progress, you lose track of time – you’re “in the zone”? In this book Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains how happiness is actually an internal state of being, it comes from within, and we can introduce more of it into our lives by creating more opportunities to enter this flow state.



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