An In-Person VIP Half Day Session

For when you know something needs to change, but don’t know where to start.

coaching for introverted leaders

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

- Yogi Berra

We introverts have a lot going on inside of our heads. A rich inner world where we think deeply and creatively, making connections, and imagining possibilities. In many ways our inner world can feel more real to us than the outer one which often lacks the depth of experience we’re looking for. 

How I work with clients

However, when it comes to making changes to how you’re showing up as a leader, business owner, partner, human being, that same introspective approach can sometimes tie us up in knots by: 

  • Coming up with endless possibilities of how things could be different
  • Listing all the possible outcomes of every possibility we think about
  • Thinking that somehow you are at a disadvantage by being introverted

And that’s why I created ‘Instant Clarity’.

I’m here to help you figure out your next steps and put a practical plan in place to help you shift and change

During our 4 hours together you’ll begin by getting clarity on:

coaching for introverted leaders

which aspects of your life you are happy or content with

coaching for introverted leaders

which are causing you pain or frustration

coaching for introverted leaders

which you’ve forgotten about altogether

Once you’ve got a clearer idea of what’s not working for you right now, I’ll guide you through a powerful visualization to help you connect to your version of what ‘ideal’ would be. You see, just knowing things need to change doesn’t mean you’ll actually do anything about it. How many times have you said to yourself “I need to improve my fitness”, “I need to be more confident”, “I need to change job” and then done nothing about it? 

The hardest part in any journey is taking the first step because in doing so you’re committing to stepping out of your comfort-zone. It takes guts and determination to break out of your current reality 
and do the inner work to go after what you really want. And in spite of your rich imagination, it can be really hard to see past a situation you’re feeling stuck in, or see yourself in a different way without a little expert help and guidance. 

“From our first meeting Alison really made me think about what it was I wanted to address.  She has helped me to rebalance important relationships.  She has helped me structure my goals in an achievable way.  She has helped me focus on things that really matter to me.  I feel that I have a better and more positive sense of direction now.  I’ve certainly grown in confidence in my own abilities and self-worth.”

- Debbie Jenner

So now you know the what and the why, you need to figure out the how!

It’s time to get practical. After all, if you tried to eat a whole chocolate-fudge cake (or extra, large pizza) in one go you’d probably end up feeling a little queasy, bloated and won’t really have enjoyed the experience! Better by far to cut it into bite-size pieces to make it manageable, allowing each piece to settle properly before taking the next bite. It’s the same with making changes and decisions in your life. You may realise you only need to make small changes and that’s absolutely fine. But if you’ve reached this point where you feel overwhelmed by the size of the task or cannot see a way forward, then breaking things down into manageable, micro steps and coming up with a clear plan of action will make it far more enjoyable! 

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

To ensure success, I will help you to:

  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Capture your three most important goals and identify your strengths
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Identify the resources you’ll need to succeed and those you already have
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Identify possible barriers to success and come up with potential solutions
  • coaching for introverted leaders
    Prepare a plan of action, with clear, specific goals and dates to hold you accountable

You will leave your Instant Clarity session knowing:

a. The exact changes you need and want to make (i.e. where you are now)
b. What your ‘ideal’ outcomes would be (i.e. where you want to be)
c. The specific resources and information you need to start taking action (i.e. how to get from A to B!) 

We’ll also book a time and date for your 30minute follow-up call where we’ll check-in with how you’re getting on with your actions – who doesn’t love a bit of accountability?! 

Is Instant Clarity right for you?

You will benefit from an ‘Instant Clarity’ VIP Half-Day if:

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    You are feeling a bit lost and need a place to start
  • Brand Element 2 Grey
    You have so many ideas bouncing around in your head that you are almost paralysed with inaction and need an expert to talk them through with to gain clarity, peace of mind and find a way forward
  • Brand Element 2 Grey
    You want to take-stock of your current situation and identify areas for real change in your career, life or busines
  • Brand Element 2 Grey
    You are feeling disconnected from yourself and doubting your abilities
  • Brand Element 2 Grey
    You are tired of living up to expectations of what you should be
  • Brand Element 2 Grey
    You feel undervalued, unfulfilled and unrecognized as a leader, manager, business owner or partner

Instant Clarity will take you from

  • Brand Element 4
    Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to having clarity about what needs to change
  • Brand Element 4
    Having thoughts spinning around in your head, but getting you nowhere to having a focus and real sense of direction
  • Brand Element 4
    Having too much going on to knowing what to prioritise
  • Brand Element 4
    Feeling drained to having a calmer, clearer mind
  • Brand Element 4
    Having no clear plan of action to confidently knowing exactly what steps to take to create change and make more impact

So what are you waiting for?!

Your investment: £585

What you’ll receive:

  • 1 x 45-minute Complimentary Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit
  • 4.5 hours of quality one-to-one time focused entirely on what’s important to you 
  • A comprehensive Welcome Pack to get your grey cells whirring and help me get to know more about what you’re hoping to achieve during the session 
  • The option to work together in-person as a half-day option (depending on location) or online (4 x 60mins, 1 x 30mins)
  • A high-quality workbook to keep everything in one place 


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